Conferencias y seminarios

Human hearing and the resolution of time and information



Viernes 21 de abril de 2023




Sala F-21

(Segundo piso edificio de Física)


Departamento de Física

Charlista:  Prof. Milind Kunchur, Departamento de Física y Astronomía, Universidad de Carolina del Sur

Resumen: Human senses have mind-boggling capabilities, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Our auditory system has a microseconds temporal resolution in apparent violation of the time-frequency uncertainty relationship. The synthesis of dimensions—both in natural localization and stereo spatialization—conflicts with the expectation from vector superposition. And the ear can detect a picometer cochlear basilar-membrane amplitude. These extraordinary attributes of hearing impact the perception and reproduction of musical sounds, which have been shrouded in misconceptions and controversies for half a century. The present research is correcting this situation by developing incisive physical measurements, sensitive psychophysical tests, and a quantitative understanding of auditory neurophysiology and memory hierarchy.