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Unveiling the expansion of the Universe: the first light of the Euclid satellite



Viernes 24 de noviembre de 2023




Sala F12

(Edificio de Física)


Departamento de Física

Charlista: Domenico Sapone - Universidad de Chile

Resumen: Understanding the expansion of the universe is the top priority of all space agencies. In this talk, we will discuss the primary cosmological observables capable of shedding light on these mysterious phenomena which affect the entire geometry of the Universe. We will also focus on the intense efforts that the European Space Agency is undertaking to understand the nature of accelerated expansion. In particular, we will present the Euclid Satellite, its recent launch, and the first images. This talk aims to offer a clear and concise overview of current endeavors in space exploration and cosmology, shedding light on how these efforts are enhancing our understanding of the universe.